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Bayou Strolls

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Do I need to sign up? Nope! Just show up

Where to meet? We usually park at the CIS parking lot close to the bridge

How much does it cost? Completely FREE

How long does it last? It takes about 1 hour total 

What's the route? It can vary, but we always start at Marina, pass through neighborhood of the hospital, exercise at courthouse square, then head back towards the Marina. 

What if I am late? We typically leave Marina at 5 minutes after meet time, so just catch up -- you'll burn extra calories running. This is a very forgiving event to be late for!! 

Do I have to have a baby? No! It actually helps to have an extra set of baby free hands on some days. 

What if the weather is bad? Then we're probably going to cancel, but we usually don't make that call until hour before. 

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